Kaspar "Toro'' Bindeman is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer, producer, DJ, actor, director, artist and activist, residing in Barcelona, Spain. Born January 31, 1972, in Riga, Latvia in the artist's family. His father, Juris Bindemanis, is a painter and art school teacher, mother, Irena Bindemane, a former textile designer and jeweler, who has been completely dedicated herself to charity work for the last decades. Kaspar was born when his young hippie parents studied at Riga School of Applied Arts. Father played drums and guitar with the band at the Art Academy of Latvia and that was probably the main reason why at the age of seven Kaspar started to attend percussion class and study music in general. At their house mostly was played 60's and 70's rock, so, no wonder, Kaspar's first recognizable musical memory was the Heaven On Their Minds guitar riff from the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar. In the late '70s family moved to Zvejniekciems, a small town on the beach. Even though during the school years Kaspar, being an urban kid to the bone, was pretty upset by this decision, there was also a bright side - meeting teachers, who played a very important role in his creative development. He graduated from Grammy nominee composer Peteris Vask's composition class and percussion class of Latvian National Symphony Orchestra percussionist and TV director Brigita Vinsteine, who furthermore also set in interest and basics of director's job. Studied acting at theater director Lidija Stiebra's drama class and drawing and painting with artist Marina Einbinder. During the entire music school years won every national young performer's contest he took part in. At the age of 13 together with his classmate Kaspar started to experiment with an 8mm camera and shot a couple of short movies. After returning to the capital continued to study percussion at Emils Darzins Special Music School and design at Riga School of Applied Arts. At the age of 16 started his first psychedelic rock band "Businessman (Peterson)". Although starting as a drummer, during the first performance Kaspar realized that sitting behind the drum set didn't fit his character and decided to switch, first, to bass and soon enough to guitar, also taking place at the microphone. At the same time started to work in advertising, first, as a graphic designer and continued in the field over the years, expanding his skills in other areas, mainly directing, music composing and sound design, however, after moving to Barcelona in 2006 took a wow to leave advertising business for ethical reasons - the only exceptions now are social and cultural projects. Over the years has worked as a designer at the art gallery and publishing house Jana Seta, a set and prop designer at Latvian National Television, a musician at the New Riga Theater, an actor at Daile's Theater. As a director, composer, copywriter, film editor and graphic and production designer has worked at various advertising and production companies, made an audiovisual design for TV shows, plays, films, commercials, political campaigns and various types of other events. As a resident DJ worked in Riga's cult venues, such as Club Essential, Casablanca, No One Writes to Colonel..., Riga's 1st Rock Cafe. Also worked for the Army Sports Club basketball team, designed their uniforms and provided sound design at the games.

In 1990, to avoid army service, spent six weeks at the mental hospital, simulating manic depression, where he bought his first Jimi Hendrix vinyl record from a ward mate and, after leaving the hospital, completely dedicated himself to guitar playing studies, spending the entire summer in an alcove with a guitar, tape recorder, old tube radio as an amplifier and two Jimi Hendrix albums - Are You Experienced? and Axis: Bold As Love. By the end of the year at the art and music festival Bildes '90 with a blast introduced himself to a wider audience, mesmerizing them with smashing, burning and squeaking his guitar, which was something crazy and unseen in those post-soviet times. Soon enough had been ranked among the best Latvian guitarists. In 1991 recorded his first single, 100 Years of Loneliness, in which he played all instruments by himself. During the post-production of its video, he met one of his childhood musical authorities, drummer Vilnis Krievins, who later introduced him to his colleague, bass player Eduards Glotovs and so began a collaboration with one of the most powerful Latvian rhythm tandems of all time. In parallel, Kaspar played drums in the most acclaimed Latvian punk-rock band Inokentijs Mārpls and indie-rock project Unhappy Birthday. Apart from playing drums during the early '90s, as keyboard player also has participated in the recording of all Inokentijs Mārpls studio albums, including Pupu mizas (literally Bean Skins, or Bullshit) and Kauliņi ir mesti (The Die Has Been Cast), both of which received the Annual Latvian Music Recording Award "Golden Microphone" 2012 and 2022 respectively in category Best Rock Album.

In 1992, after receiving the second prize in the international music festival-contest "Liepājas dzintars", became a household name in Latvia. Involving even more local rock legends, started a Latvian all-star band Kaspar Bindeman & The Old Soldiers. Despite the fact that due to a big number of musicians in the band and other circumstances, it's members changed several times, which also led to failing to finish the first album recording attempt, this period was very active, fruitful and successful, with many gigs and critical acclaim. Collaboration with the director, producer and cinematographer Roberts Vinovskis in the field of video-art. In 1995 Kaspar took a break from live performing and focused on acquiring computer arts. Resumed live performance in 1996 at the festival Rock Summer Riga, opening for the headliners, ZZ Top. Over the years Kaspar has shared the stage with international artists like Karl Bartos (Kraftwerk), HIM, B.o.B., Lloyd, Phillip Boa, Smokin Beats, Mad Professor, U-Cef, State of Bengal and more. In parallel as a keyboardist joined his fellow band member, guitar shredder Paul the Mole's rap-metal group D-Day Rabbit. At the end of Millenia together with his colleague, artist Tif Bitmap established Multimedia Syndicate and began to pay more attention to multimedia projects. During the late '90s and early 2000s they have carried out several exhibitions, performances, happenings and video arts at the city's biggest art galleries Bastejs, Ciris, M6, Arsenals, as well as other venues and even streets.

In 2000 Kaspar completely turned to electronic music and DJing, resigned from the accompanying band and continued to perform as a solo artist using an entire variety of musical instruments, acquired over the years. As keyboardist joined acid jazz project Green Petroleum Funk. However, most of the time was spent at the studio experimenting. In 2001 started to work at the advertising and film production company Studio FX (now Cuba Studio) as a designer, composer, director, copywriter and film editor. In parallel established recording studio Bazooka and started an ongoing collaboration with Latvian advertising icon Eriks Stendzenieks. During these years Kaspar worked in turbo mode - his day to day schedule looked like this: morning - shoot, afternoon - edit, evening - write music, night - play music (live or DJ), which led to overworking. After winning the celebrity reality show "Expedition" in 2005, being completely exhausted, he fell into a creative crisis that lasted for several years, going through the entire madness, rock'n'roll lifestyle can present. In 2006 moved to Barcelona. The following years were pretty tough, nonetheless, they also included creative experiments, self-seeking, spiritual and intellectual awakening. Kaspar also began to pay attention to flamenco studies - both guitar and singing.

Since 2009 has been traveling back and forth from Barcelona to Riga, working on the final attempt of his music album recording, gathering musicians from all over the world. Turned to straight edge lifestyle and activism. Established record label Evoco Records and started his own designed guitar brand Toro in collaboration with luthier Andris Apinis. Both, as DJ and musician performed in several international festivals, including Positivus and Summer Sound, where three years in a row he set a personal record, playing 38 hour non-stop DJ sets. Took part in organizing the campaign Society Against Fur. Played in several feature films, and also landed the role of Chief Bromden in Bulgarian director Alexander Morfov's staging of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" at Daile's Theater, which became a blockbuster and is being played to this day. Also, contributed to the play with a couple of music tracks and Chief Bromden's costume design. In 2015 quit regular DJing. Co-organizer of the musician's rally against the government's intention to tax culture events, which turned out to be successful. Became the honorary member of the Brazilian culture association in Barcelona S.A.P.E.M. Started collaboration with Catalan literate Joan-Ignasi Ortuño Benages. In 2018 performed at the TEDx Talk Riga event. In 2021 finally got his breakthrough in Spain both as an actor and musician by landing the role of Ilya Telegin in A. Chekhov's Uncle Vanya staging by the Lithuanian cult director Oskaras Koršunovas with the participation of a stellar Catalan actor's team, including Julio Manrique, Lluís Marco, and Carme Sansa among others. The critics have considered it one of the ten best works of the year in Spain.


Speaks Latvian, Russian, English and Spanish. Learns Italian, Portuguese, Catalan and French.

Is a descendant of Latvian, German, Prussian, Estonian, Polish, Swedish, Danish, Jewish, Georgian, Ukrainian and Gypsy ancestors. His family on the American side also has Italian and Hungarian roots.

Kaspar is a successor of one of the oldest and most renowned aristocratic families of Baltic Germans, the Lievens, considered descendants of Caupo, the first ruler of Livonia appointed by Holy Roman Empire, the Haffners, also Germans, and the Hanskinewitz noblemen family of Prussia. His great great grandfather, Charles Clark, was a Doctor of Engineering, professor at Riga Polytechnic Institute (now University of Latvia), constructor of about 200 ships, including ice breakers Krišjānis Valdemārs and Петр Великий, submarines Spīdola and Ronis, and among other notable projects, participated in construction of the Riga Railway Bridge and Latvia's first hydroelectric power station. His father, John Clark, was a painter, academician and professor at Imperial Academy of Arts of Saint Petersburg, his mother, Wilhelmine, was a daughter of Baron Johann Samuel Eduard von Haffner, the rector of the Imperial University of Dorpat (now University of Tartu), Estonia. His wife, Nadina, was a granddaughter of prince Carl Christoph von Lieven. The other great-great-grandfather, Johann Ernst Hanskinewitz, before WWII owned a publishing house and worked as an interpreter in the Riga customs office. In the 19th century, his grandfather lost their entire real estate, a manor along with enormous land properties in Poland, in a card game. The list of noble ancestors also includes Georgian and Ukrainian knyazs.

Had a younger sister, Ilze Bindemane, a graphic artist, costume designer, poet, dancer and singer at Riga Dome Choir. She died of cancer on April 11, 2018.

Kaspar’s family apartment, situated next to former KGB headquarters and also the art school, which Kaspar's parents, and later he himself and his sister attended, used to be a popular meeting place for artists, musicians and other creative and alternative people. After the annexation of Latvia by the USSR in 1940, it was nationalized and transformed into, so-called, communal apartment – families from Russia and other Soviet republics were accommodated in the “surplus space.” Kaspar had set up a studio in his room, with equipment, including a drum set, powerful enough for a small venue, and not only him, but also his friends and colleagues with their bands often used to rehearse there. However, his neighbors were incredibly tolerant and supportive, and, during all these years, there was only one complaint to the police from a neighbor from the apartment three floors above – Kaspar, along with the entire Old Soldiers squad was rehearsing for the performance, scheduled that night at the Riga Sports Manege, which the Prime-minister was supposed to join. When police arrived and saw a room, stuffed with local rock legends, they modestly inquired if they may stay and listen for a while. Before leaving, they just kindly asked “to turn down the volume a little bit.”

For the role of Ilya Telegin had to learn Catalan language in four weeks.

Kaspar is a very demanding, even exaggerated perfectionist to himself and to others in the field of work, therefore often finishing projects takes a very long time or some of them even have left unfinished or destroyed. The first album was recorded five times during 30 years - from 1992 to 2022. After finishing the second attempt, despite the fact that Latvia's biggest record company MicRec was ready to release it, at the last moment Kaspar considered it not good enough and destroyed the master tape. His colleague Dambis from Inokentijs Mārpls had kept a pre-mix demo cassette, which he refused to return for a long time, foreseeing its wicked fate. However, several years later Kaspar somehow managed to convince his friend to lend the tape "for digitalization". Needless to say, no one has ever seen it since. He has intentionally destroyed a big part of his old works, probably, this peculiarity inherited from his father, whose paintings mother used to hide to save them from destruction. Also, there was a mysterious case about Kaspar's first seven singles. During the Soviet times and early 90's the only media in the country that reproduced music were National TV and National Radio, in which library master tapes of Kaspar's recordings were kept. During the digitalization of the library, these songs were lost, which was "good news" for the perfection-obsessed author. Now these songs have been re-recorded and included in the upcoming album.

In early years often was referred to as Latvian Jimi Hendrix, Jimi’s Reincarnation, etc.

Has a significant hearing loss, which although doesn't interfere with the music creation, yet is getting worse over the years.

Is the author of Locomotive Productions film company logo design.


In the winter of 2012 spent a month in Russia on the set of the film Storozhno, in which he played the lead role. Although work conditions were very hard - 30-35 °C below zero, no communications, no facilities, Kaspar considers this, so far, his best cinema performance and could be the most significant step in his acting career. Unfortunately, the film never saw the daylight or, literally, saw it too soon - the entire footage got exposed and destroyed by a mentally unstable person, close to one of the crew members.

For the post-soviet depressed, gray-dressed Latvian audience Kaspar was something immensely new and shocking – a 2-meter tall bald guy in a Woodstock style outfit, playing fresh psychedelic rock with an orchestra which three times exceeded the size of an average rock'n'roll band. Many of his colleagues have noted that even if he didn't produce anything, his appearance and everyday life itself has always been an act of art. Living on the main street of Riga city, he used to take his everyday walks, having fun about the reaction of passers-by, from amazement to rage. Even at the art school in which he studied and which was considered as Mecca for the free-thinking, creative Latvians, a teacher once told him: "Mr. Bindeman, you should consider a little bit more modest outfit - you are interfering with the traffic."

Has a reputation of a very controversial, eccentric person. Because of his striking appearance, lack of prejudice, critical remarks, former nasty spree, is a frequent subject of rumors, pretty often of actions he has never been related with. Thanks to that, in 1992 Raimond’s Awards even made for him a special one-time nomination - Most Scandalous Artist of the Year. Also, along with the Latvian prime-minister Ivars Godmanis, who, by the way, was a big fan of Kaspar’s and played drums once for The Old Soldiers at the Microphone Song Poll Awards ’92 ceremony, was on top of the list of both, most favorite and most unfavorite Person of the Year.

Kaspar's very first show as a rock musician in 1989 did not go without obstacles. His band Businessman (Peterson) was supposed to perform at a music festival, called Durvis (Doors). Out of five band members only two, Kaspar and keyboard player, reached the destination. Without hesitation Kaspar gathered a new lineup from the musicians he met on the spot, instructed them and gave the singer an ABC-book as a source of song lyrics. The entire performance was a jam session with theatrical elements and fooling around. After each song musicians exchanged their instruments with each other and that was the moment when Kaspar realized he had to be in the center of the stage, not at the back of it. By the way, the head of the festival jury was the Latvian keyboard icon and composer Juris Kulakovs, who was highly amused by this bizarre act and five years later joined Kaspar's band.

Since the very beginning of his rock'n'roll career, Kaspar has played with the best - all members of The Old Soldier's “first call-up” were already recognized Latvian rock legends. Technically as a teenager, he has been performing with almost the same accompanying group as Raimonds Pauls – arguably the most influential composer not only in Latvia, but in the entire Soviet Union. It all started with drummer Vilnis Krieviņš. Together with director Jānis Rušenieks Kaspar was working on the video for the song "100 Years of Loneliness." Vilnis that day was visiting the video engineer and bass player Ilvars Zālītis (New Moon, Fuck Art). The ongoing collaboration began, when from the corner of the editing room slowly rose the key phrase “I love big beat too”. A few weeks later, at the ceremony of Lifc awards, Kaspar very discreetly asked Vilnis: “Do you think Edge [Eduards Glotovs] loves big beat too?” - “I understood you”, he replied no less discreetly. The arrangements were made within a few minutes. Soon members of another three legendary Latvian bands joined in - Maija Lūsēna, lead singer of Zodiaks, as a backing vocalist, Ainars Virga, Latvian cult guitarist and leader of probably the oldest Latvian rock group Līvi and Juris Kulakovs, the leader of the progressive rock rebel band Pērkons. By the way, Vilnis Krieviņš was one of Kaspar's favorite drummers, when he studied percussion in music school and also inspired him to make his first DIY electronic drum set as a kid, using old phones, he stole at school, and other interesting materials, like dried peas for snare drum, roof tin for toms, flooring for heads, etc.

In early years has been predicted a promising sports career - since the age of 10 also studied volleyball, basketball and track and field athletics, acquired 1st and 2nd Class Sportsman ranks (Unified Sports Classification System of the USSR), and, despite the artist's career, Kaspar has never left sports activities - for almost 15 years he played basketball in the Art Academy of Latvia team until its disbanding due to liquidation of the department of physical education. During those years also took a great part in organizing annual Days of Art and Christmas Bowl basketball tournaments, where teams of artists, musicians, actors, journalists and other creative people participated. By the way, his mother, while studying at the art school, also was a Candidate for Master of Sports in fencing and a member of Latvian national junior team. When she won a bronze medal at the national championships, she didn't even know she was pregnant at the time.

Over the years have been using many alter egos, nicknames and images – Peter Profit Peterson, The King of the Butterflies, Shaman Bindeman, Pyriton Schmekete, Toro, Highlander (earned this one due to frequent show-offs of his healthiness, e.g., wearing a tank top in winter at -30º C).

Has given long-lasting pseudonyms to two of his creative companions – guitarist Paul the Mole and artist Tif Bitmap.

Kaspar’s 25 year birthday party at the Art Academy of Latvia was attended by almost 1000 people. He spent the entire night on stage, performing together with his friends, musicians from Prāta vētra (Brainstorm), Inokentijs Mārpls and many more. His 30th birthday event at Sapņu fabrika (Dream Factory) was even more ambitious, with the second, extended staging of "The Return of Pyriton Schmekete" on two stages with eighty dancers, large installation exhibition, performances, fashion show and other activities.

At the eve of Millennia and early 2000’s, during the Multimedia Syndicate period, together with his colleague completely merged into their roles - they introduced themselves as Pyriton Schmekete and Tif Bitmap, the space travelers from planet Pyramidon, wore exclusively yellow and black clothes, richly used yellow and black colored marking tape, often used to walk the streets and attend the events in green make-up, skiing glasses, carrying hand-made blasters, which they called The Durable Plaster-Blasters and suitcases, full of toys and souvenirs, they used to give away to passers-by and both drove yellow and black marked model 924 Porsche cars.

Until the closing of the club No One Writes to Colonel... the most expensive (and also, the strongest) cocktail on its drink menu was called Bindeman's Bazooka. It consists of the following ingredients: dark rum (75%), absinthe, Riga Black Balsam (45%), whiskey, golden tequila, gin, vodka, Campari, Blue Curaçao, Martini Extra Dry. Served in Martini glass, with black and green olives. During the intense DJing period, also has invented a drink, called Highlander's Valium – a 100g golden tequila shot washed down with 150g of fresh grapefruit juice.


As a director and production designer:

Music video "Aparāts: Sitting in the Pants" (client: Baltic Records Group, 2003)

Latvian Independent Television Music Video Award, nomination in category Best Director

Annual Latvian Music Recording Award, nomination in category Best Music Video

Latvian national music award Raimonds (1992), nominations in categories Best Guitarist, Best Band, Best Debut. Received award in a special category Most Scandalous Artist of the Year, which was given only this one time, specially for Kaspar

Music video "Kaspar Bindeman: 100 Years of Loneliness" (in collaboration with director Jānis Rušenieks,1991)

Lifc Music Awards, nomination in category Best Special FX Application

2nd prize at the international music festival-contest Liepājas dzintars (Amber of Liepaja, 1992).

Awarded works as a composer and sound designer, in collaboration with advertising agency MOOZ!:

Commercial "Bullet Brick Blues" (client: Lode)

Adwards '2006, silver award in category Best Radio Commercial

Commercial „Drink, Drive, Join” (client: Road Traffic Safety Department, 2006)

Kyiv International Advertising Festival '2006, best work of the contest

Golden Drum,

PR Challenge '2006, golden and bronze awards in category Best Campaign

Adwards '2006, silver award in category Social Advertising


Commercial ""

Advertising Festival in Georgia (find the name), 1st prize

In December 1993 song "Wintertime" was ranked at #2 on the national music chart Microphone Song Poll.

Several times has been considered as the most stylish Latvian male celebrity by the fashion and style magazine Pastaiga (The Walk), also was ranked at #5 on it's list Sexiest Latvian Male Celebrities (2005).

Nominated in category Dandy of the Year at Baltic Fashion Award (2014)

In reader’s poll of women’s magazine Santa two times got on the list Most Desirable Latvian Men

Winner of the Latvian celebrity survivalist reality show "Expedition: the Heirs of Talava" (2004)

"Cancel Lightning" in which Kaspar played main character, won first prize in Jameson short film contest (2010)

From his first appearance in art and music festival Bildes in 1990 until the last one at the end of Millennia, collected the greatest part of prizes of audience and jury both for concerts and artworks.


(1988) Designer at the publishing house and exhibition hall Jāņa sēta

(1988) Establishes his first band Businessman (Peterson)

(1989) Co-organizer of festival Days of Art at Riga Sports Manege

(1990) The first bigger appearance as solo artist at the music and art festival Bildes

(1991) Single and video Hundred Years of Loneliness

(1991) Designer at Latvian National Television

(1992) Singles: Green-Eyed Woman, Jolly Miller, Lullaby, Joys of Night, Foxey Lady

(1992) Composer and main character in video-art Biography, director Roberts Vinovskis

(1992) Music festival-contest Liepājas dzintars, 2nd prize

(1993) Composer for TV documentary AIDS

(1993) Single: Wintertime (LV #2 in December)

(1995) Designer at media enterprise Latvijas tālrunis

(1996) Set and prop designer at exhibition Dinosaur Park at Riga ZOO

(1996) Performance at music festival Rock Summer Riga

(1997) 25 year birthday festival at Art Academy of Latvia

(1997) Musician in play Livonia Dreams at the New Riga Theater, director Juris Rijnieks

(1997) Singles: TV Rainbow and I Own Nothing, both in duet with Raimonda Vazdika

(1997) Composer for short movie Foul, Life #2, director Arta Biseniece

(1997) Designer at advertising agency Punkts

(1998) Group exhibition Games for the Adult Children at art gallery Čiris

(1998) Composer and sound designer for one-man exhibition Scotch by Tif Bitmap at art gallery Čiris

(1999) Role of Mercenary in movie Three Stories About…, director Askolds Saulītis

(1999) Project Modulus, in collaboration with Tif Bitmap at art gallery Bastejs

(1999) Performance The Return of Pyriton Schmekete, in collaboration with Tif Bitmap at Riga Congress House

(1999) Performance at international music festival Forte Riga, in collaboration with Tif Bitmap at art gallery Arsenāls

(1999) Group exhibition Bridges dedicated to 800th anniversary of Riga city, in collaboration with Tif Bitmap and Mārtiņš Straupe at Gallery of Latvian Artist Union

(1999) Sound designer for documentary director Juris Podnieks tribute multimedia CD, in collaboration with Egils Mednis

(2000) Performance at music festival Forte Riga, in collaboration with sax player Nic Gotham and drummer Mārtiņš Linde

(2000) Keyboardist in album The Power From the Dads by Inokentijs Mārpls

(2001) Co-producer of album With the Colors of Summer On My Wings by Baiba Kranāte, Platforma Records

(2001) Role of Gangster in short film Bad Place, director Jānis Vingris, Eho Filma

(2001) Performance at music festival Forte Riga

(2002) Director, writer, editor, composer for TV Commercial Pasaules optika, The Face, client Pasaules optika, Cuba Studio

(2002) Director, writer, editor, composer for TV Commercial Klubs Magazine, Secret Agent, client Klubs, Cuba Studio

(2002) Audiovisual design for reality show Dream Island, client TV5, Cuba Studio

(2002) Audiovisual design for reality show Factory, client TV5, Cuba Studio

(2002) Composer and sound designer for TV Commercial, client, Mooz!

(2002) Composer for fashion show Peace by Evija Dāboliņa

(2002) 30 year birthday festival at Dream Factory

(2002) Audiovisual design for international advertising festival Golden Hammer, client Latvian Advertising Association, Cuba Studio

(2002) One-man exhibition - happening Opening at art gallery Čiris

(2002) As resident DJ begins to work at club No One Writes to the Colonel...

(2003) Director and production designer of music video Sitting in the Pants, by Aparāts

(2003) Audiovisual design for talk-show Davidshow, client TV5, Cuba Studio

(2003) Performance at campaign Latvian Artists Against the War In Iraq at art gallery Arsenāls

(2003) Audiovisual design of Eurovision Song Contest, in collaboration with Ēriks Stendzenieks, client LTV, Mooz!

(2003) Single: Hitchcock’s Hip Hop, in duet with Regnārs Vaivars, Platforma Records

(2003) Actor in TV commercial Don't Buy What's Stolen/Rocket Ass Rat, client Association of Latvian Music Producers, Mooz!

(2003) Composer and sound designer for campaign Don't Buy What's Stolen, client Association of Latvian Music Producers, Mooz!

(2003) Performance BOГ at Riga International World Music Festival, in collaboration with Regnārs Vaivars

(2003) Director, composer and actor in video short The Return of Pyriton Schmekete, in collaboration with Tif Bitmap, Multimedia Syndicate

(2003) Narrator and lyrics co-author for album Waiting for the Degrees to Drop, by Kārlis Aspirīns & Onkulis Dzenis

(2003) Film editor for reality show Expedition, client Jumprava Studio, LNT

(2003) Copywriter for campaign Therapist, client ERGO Insurance, Cuba Studio

(2003) Several video arts in collaboration with Tif Bitmap

(2003) Role of Baloo in musical We Be of One Blood, Ye and I by composer Mārtiņš Brauns and dance group Dzirnas at Daile's Theater

(2003) Composer, co-writer and co-director for LSDSP election campaign, client Latvian Social Democratic Workers' Party, Cuba Studio

(2003) Composer and sound designer for LPP election campaign, client Latvia’s First Party, Mooz!

(2003) Composer for election ZZS campaign, client Union of Greens and Farmers, Cuba Studio

(2004) Sound designer for campaign For Latvia in Europe, client Latvia’s First Party, Mooz!

(2004) Together with Regnārs Vaivars as resident DJ’s at club Casablanca started ongoing world music project Men for Sale: Salon de Casanova y Don Juan

(2004) Happening Just Do It/Do Less, Live Longer, in collaboration with Mārtiņš Ķibers and Ēriks Stendzenieks

(2004) Music for fashion show Bride by Evija Dāboliņa

(2004) Music for ballet No Women, No Cry, in collaboration with DJ Krii and dance group Dzirnas at Daile's Theater

(2004) Music for the opening ceremony of 1st Latvian Olympic Games

(2004) Winner of survivalist reality show for celebrities Expedition: the Heirs of Tālava, Jumprava Studio, LNT

(2005) Music for presentation videos on CNN, Latvia - the Land That Sings, client Cuba Studio, CNN

(2005) Begins collaboration with basketball club ASK Riga, design of team uniforms and sound design for home games

(2005) Music for play Galka Motalka in collaboration with DJ Krii at Latvian National Theater, director Regnārs Vaivars

(2005) Co-producer of album Don’t Look Back, by Raimonda Vazdika

(2005) Within Riga Fashion Week, role of Rothbart in show Swanlike Fashion, by Bruno Birmanis and Mārtiņš Ķibers at Riga Circus

(2005) Director, actor, editor, composer for TV Commercial Pasaules Optika, The Expert, client Pasaules Optika, DDB

(2006) Composer and sound designer for radio commercial Bullet Brick Blues, client Lode, Mooz!

(2006) Composer and sound designer for campaign Drink Drive. Join., client Road Traffic Safety Department, Mooz!

(2006) Composer, sound designer and voiceover of Club Essential Afterhours

(2006) Composer and sound designer for festival Adwards ceremony, client Latvian Art Director's Club

(2006) Within Riga city festival, performance at event Silent Disco

(2006) Role of Customer in TV show Reason or Instinct

(2007) Keyboardist in album Takes You by the Heart, by Inokentijs Mārpls

(2008) Guitarist in the album There Must Be Something, by Prāta vētra, a.k.a. Brainstorm

(2009) Actor in TV commercial Terrestrial TV, client Lattelecom, Mooz!

(2010) Performances at music festivals Positivus and Summer Sound

(2010) Role of Father in short movie Cancel Lightening, directors Rimants Irzikevičs, Māris Gerāns

(2011) Performance at music festival Summer Sound

(2011) Composer for short movie At the Wall, director Rimants Irzikevičs

(2012) Role of Nemoy in movie Storozhno, director Elizaveta Ulrich

(2012) Actor in TV Commercial Truly Inspiring, client Caps Chocolate

(2012) Performances at music festivals Positivus, Summer Sound, Give & Get, Piensfest, Pestivāls, LabaDaba

(2012) Keyboardist in album Bean Skins, by Inokentijs Mārpls

(2013) Performance at music festival Summer Sound

(2014) Role of Bartender in movie Mamy 3, directors Georgiy Malkov, Emil Nikogosyan

(2014) Performance at music festival Summer Sound

(2015-) Role of Chief Bromden in play One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest at Daile's Theater, director Alexander Morfov

(2015) Role of Mercenary in the movie Time Reactor, director Dmitry Tikov.

(2015) Keyboardist in album Duck'n'Hold On, by Inokentijs Mārpls

(2016) Composer, sound designer and co-host for the festival Adwards 10th anniversary ceremony, client Latvian Art Director's Club

(2016) Finished two first prototypes of guitar brand Toro, designed by Kaspar Bindeman and manufactured by luthier Andris Apīnis

(2017) Single and video: Apathy

(2017) As guitarist, keyboardist and singer for a short while joined electronic music band Ryga, contributed with lyrics and vocals to the song Black Friday from their debut album

(2017) Role of Bartender in movie Out, director György Kristóf

(2018) Role of Teutonic Crusader in movie The Pagan King, director Aigars Grauba

(2018) Role of El Veterano in short movie El veterano, director Māris Bezmers

(2018) Composer for short movie El veterano, director Māris Bezmers

(2018) Role of Angry Diego in movie Swindlers, director Andrejs Ēķis

(2018) Director and production designer for music video Midnight Caller, by The Factor

(2018) Performance at Tedx

(2021) Keyboardist in album The Die Has Been Cast, by Inokentijs Mārpls

(2021-) Role of Ilya Telegin in play Uncle Vanya, at Teatre Lliure as well as several guest performances at the biggest theaters of Spain including festival Temporada Alta, director Oskaras Koršunovas

(2022) Single and video "Kaspar Bindeman: I Left My Chica for Barcelona” (production)

(2022) Single and video "Kaspar Bindeman: Promise Me Nothing" (production)


+ countless TV sequences, TV and radio commercials, audiovisual design and copywriting for shows and events, graphic design etc.


Works, partners and former clients (incomplete list)





"Biography" (video) (1992, Latvia), director Roberts Vinovskis, character: The Man

"The Foul, Life #2" (Nediena, dzīve nr. 2) (short) (1997, Latvia), director Arta Biseniece, cjaracter: Passenger

"Three Stories About…" (Trīs stāsti par…) (1999, Studija Forma, Latvia, Estonia), director Askolds Saulītis, character: Mercenary

"A Bad Place" (Slikta vieta) (short) (2001, Eho Filma, Latvia), director Jānis Vingris, character: Gangster

"The Return of Pyriton Schmekete" (video) (2003, Multimedia Syndicate, Latvia), director Kaspar Bindeman, character: Pyriton Schmekete

“Cancel Lightening” (short) (2010, Latvia), directors Rimants Irzikevičs, Māris Gerāns, character: Father

"Storozhno" (Сторожно) (2012, Russia (footage maliciously destroyed)), director Elizaveta Ulrich, character: Nemoy

"Mamy 3" (Мамы 3) (2014, Enjoy Movies, Russia), directors Georgiy Malkov, Emil Nikogosyan, character: Bartender

“Time Reactor” (2015, Claridad Films, Spain), director Dmitry Tikov, character: Mercenary

"Out" (2017, Arizona Films, Endorfilm, Film Angels Studio, KMH Film, Mirage Film Studio, Sentimentalfilm, Slovakia, France, Hungary, Czech Republic, Latvia), director György Kristóf, character: Bartender

"The Pagan King" (2018, Cinevilla Studio, Platforma Filma, UK, Latvia), director Aigars Grauba, character:Teutonic Crusader

"El veterano" (short) (2018, Latvia), director Māris Bezmers, character: El veterano

"The Swindlers" (Blēži) (2018, Cinevilla Studio, Platforma Filma, Latvia), director Andrejs Ēķis, character: Angry Diego

“19 Cows” (19 govis) (Latvia), director Rimants Irzikēvičs, character: Gypsy


"Livonia Dreams" (Livonijas sapņi) (1997, The New Riga Theatre), character: Musician

“We Be of One Blood, Ye and I” (Viena asins, tev un man) (musical) (2003, Dzirnas, Dailes Theatre), character: Baloo

"One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" (Kāds pārlaidās pār dzeguzes ligzdu) (2015 - , Dailes Theatre), character: Chief Bromden

"Uncle Vanya" (L'oncle Vània) (2021 - , Teatre Lliure, Temporada Alta, Bitò) Character: Ilya Telegin


"Rocket Rat" (Association of Latvian Music Producers), character: Desperado

"Expert" (Pasaules optika), character: Expert

"Terrestrial TV" (Lattelecom), character: Plasma TV

"Truly Inspiring" (Caps chocolate) (2012), character: Artist

"Engure Cafe" (2022), character: Himself


Drive-in cinema

Kapitāls magazine

Ryga, album "Catch Her Groove"

Club Mai Tai

Club Essential Afterhours

Club Casablanca

Club No One Writes to the Colonel...

Album "Gaidot, Kamēr Grādi Krīt" (Waiting for the Degrees to Drop) by Kārlis Aspirīns & Onkulis Dzenis (2003)


"Swanlike Fashion" (2005), directors Bruno Birmanis, Mārtiņš Ķibers

Director and production designer:


“Aparāts: Sēdēt biksēs" (Sitting in the Pants) (2002)

"The Return of Pyriton Schmekete" 2003)

“Kaspar Bindeman: Apathy” (2017)

"Kaspar Bindeman: I Left My Chica for Barcelona” (2019) (post-production)

"Kaspar Bindeman: Promise Me Nothing" (2019) (post-production)

"Kaspar Bindeman: You Gotta Catch the Bird” (2019) (production)

"Kaspar Bindeman: Green-Eyed Woman" (2020) (pre-production)

"Kaspar Bindeman: Night Butterflies" (2020) (pre-production)

"Kaspar Bindeman: The Great Love Revolution" (2020) (pre-production)

"Kaspar Bindeman: Men in Shirts" (2019) (pre-production)

"The Factor: Midnight Caller" (2018)

Composer and sound designer:


"Biography" (video) (1992, Latvia)

AIDS Documentry (video) (1993, Latvia)

”The Foul, Life #2" (Nediena, dzīve nr. 2) (short) (1997, Latvia)

"The Return of Pyriton Schmekete" (video) (2003, Latvia)

"At the Wall" (Vienreiz pie sienas) (short) (2011, Latvia)

"El veterano" (The veteran) (short) (2018, Latvia)


“No Women, No Cry” (ballet) (2004, Dailes Theatre)

“Galka Motalka” (2005, Latvian Natonal Theatre)

“One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" (Kāds pārlaidās pār dzeguzes ligzdu) (2015 - , Dailes Theatre)

Fashion shows:



Advertising (as director, composer, sound designer, production designer, copywriter and film editor (random order)):




Pasaules optika

ERGO Insurance

Golden Hammer Awards

Latvian Art Director's Club

Latvijas Krājbanka

TC Origo


Latvian Olympic Committee

Basketball club ASK Riga




Air Baltic

Rīgas laiks magazine

Klubs magazine

Santa magazine

Nedēļa magazine

Club Mai Tai

Club Essential

Club Casablanca

Club No One Writes to the Colonel...

Ādaži chips

Latvijas Krājbanka


Latvian Social Democratic Workers' Party

Union of Greens and Farmers

Latvia’s First Party

"Don't By What's Stolen" (Association of Latvian Music Producers)

„Drink, Drive, Join” (Road and Traffic Safety Agency)

"Private Space" (Ministry of Culture of Latvia)

"Bullet Brick Blues" (Lode)

"Mobile And Free" (Mobile phone store network Dual)

"Connected!" (Mobile phone store network Dual)

"Idea" (Latvian Culture Foundation)

"Datkarība" (Datadiction)

Travel agency Kolumbs

Latio Real Estate

+ many more